Driven Worldwide Project Management App

Real time project information and compliance with strict security protocols



Designed with direct input from our financial service clients, this permission based app was built to give immediate access to the most up-to-date information on investor roadshows. The app is now used across all our projects.

This app enables bookers and managers to manage all elements of their projects in real time. Crucially for security protocols within the investment community, where deal-sensitive information is restricted to specific teams, users can only see information for which they have specific permission. Critically, it obviates the need for any hard-copy itineraries so users only see the most up to date relevant information.

The app enables clients to:

  • Access their latest itineraries
  • Call passengers and or drivers
  • Get up to the minute MI data in a password protected, secure environment
  • Request call-back on a number of the customers choice and bills back to the client where, for example, a booker is working out of office.

The app has been approved by compliance teams at many leading global investment banks.

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