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Technology is helping refine certain key aspects of business travel, but ultimately, people are the driving force behind its development and progress.

With the growth of smart technology, the business travel experience is becoming increasingly personalised, and this in turn raises travellers’ expectations of what to expect.

At Driven Worldwide, we have long recognised the importance of technology in how we run our executive and chauffeur driven car services.


The Challenge of Business Travel

Covering what are often long distances, sometimes across different global timelines, is inherently demanding of the business traveller.

Traditionally, the personal and office-based administrative burden has been high. Business travel can involve multiple bookings and transport modes, each with their own reservation requirements.

At the same time, the individual travelling may well be on a business-critical mission that requires them to be performing at their best when they reach their destination.

Consequently, any administrative hiccups while travelling will be a distraction, and may end up actively detracting from this performance.

One critical issue is the last mile and local knowledge, when the traveller has reached their destination but needs to get a transfer from the airport to the hotel, or the venue where they are expected.


The Principle of Personalisation

Personalisation through smart technology is raising user expectations.

For instance, when someone searches online for a restaurant, the results will reflect things like the date, time of day, their location but also their online history as a consumer.

Like consumers, business travellers routinely generate large amounts of data, which will allow smart technology to provide them with greater flexibility when booking itineraries.

It will streamline processes such as checking in to flights and hotels, and help streamline the entire travel and accommodation process.

As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more widely-used, it will enable more automation that is very much focused on the individual on a human, personal level.


Driven Tech

We are well aware how technology underpins the traveller experience, which is why we have developed a bespoke reservations platform, PalmTree, to track complex journeys and ensure seamless itineraries.

Also, we have our ChauffeurCall technology to ensure consistent, reliable contact between the passenger and chauffeur.

ChauffeurCall represents a significant advance from relying on standard mobile numbers. By allocating a unique, unchanging local number to a travelling client, we can ensure their communication is clear and that their journey schedule is always on track.


People Come First

There is one important thread running through the technology designed to improve the business traveller’s experience: people.

Providing a person-focused service with people at its heart is what makes the technology effective.

Ultimately, tech is not a substitute for excellent customer service. Rather, it is an enhancement to it.

That is why we rely on the sheer professionalism of our dedicated force of drivers. They have the extensive knowledge and experience to ensure our business clients will make their journeys in comfort, with the reassurance that they are in a safe pair of hands.

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Business travel can have serious implications for people’s health and mental wellbeing. It is now firmly on the agenda as a workplace mental health issue.

A study conducted by the International SOS Foundation has revealed that business trips contribute to behavioural changes in people in the workplace. These include depression, stress and anxiety.

Some of this is down to how technology has actually extended people’s working hours while travelling, because of its accessibility.

However, there is also considerable stress involved in the process of travelling and being on the road a lot of the time.

The research indicates that many organisations do not have sufficient mental health resources in place, or a workplace wellness programme.


International Business Travel and Mental Health

The research interviewed 200 business travellers. 45% said they felt more stressed on business trips, while 31% felt emotionally exhausted. Over a quarter of respondents said they experienced more prevalent mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

There are also a physical health implications, with people travelling for business less likely to have a balanced diet or to get much exercise, or even much good quality sleep.

The problem is that while international business travel opens up opportunities, it also comes at a cost to wellbeing.


Safeguarding Health and Business Continuity

What measures can organisations and companies take to try and safeguard employees who are travelling on their behalf?

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is clear about the measures for tackling stress, and about the impact stress can have, with over 11 million days a year lost through stress in the workplace.

But how does stress risk management translate to business travel?

There are various stress factors associated with business travel.

Some of these are common to other work situations, including sudden, unexpected workloads, unclear reporting lines and responsibilities, and rapidly changing circumstances.

However, they may also suffer from specific, travel-related stress factors, including: a lack of peer support, or other support network; isolation from family and friends; and jet lag.

These factors also include lack of sleep, lack of exercise and poor diet, as mentioned above.

Symptoms of poor mental health can appear as impaired performance, poor concentration and erratic emotional behaviour.


Better Support for Business Travellers

More organisations must consider implementing procedures aimed at reducing the mental health risks of business travellers.

Just as mental wellbeing within the workplace has become much more widely recognised, so the impact of business-related travel on employees, along with remote working, needs careful consideration.

There are internal measures businesses and organisations can take to support employees, such as wellness programmes and resilience training, counselling and regular employee surveys.

However, they should also consider the conditions and quality of business travel, and what practical support there is to improve the business travel experience.

One such area of dedicated support is executive car services, providing expert business and chauffeur class transfers.

Here, the focus is on ensuring passengers get all the support they need to reduce any stress and remove the uncertainties and inconvenience associated with business travel.

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With an increasingly joined-up world of digital communications, is business travel still important?

While there are convenient, advanced video-conferencing and communications applications such as Skype for Business and Zoom, they are still a form of remote working.

Business is about people and, people do business with other people they like, trust and value.

To build these relationships, there is no substitute for real human interaction, which is why business travel, as an enabler of this, is still important.


Deals and Decisions in Person

People want to put a name to a face where a business deal is involved. Similarly, important decision-making often requires the reassurance of having someone actually in the room.

Research published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology indicates that asking for help, or looking for co-operation, gets a far more positive response in person than online, via email.

Many leading companies will not sign a contract without company leaders meeting face to face.

You can derive a lot of unspoken information from someone’s body language, for example, making face to face a superior medium of communication.

Human interaction helps build valuable foundations for future business relationships, and bolsters existing relationships.

Communication skills can help people negotiate difficult terms, and see where they have common ground with others.


Leadership and Opportunity

One of the most vital qualities a successful leader in business must have is the ability to inspire others, including colleagues and clients.

An effective means of doing this is by having good visibility and not simply relying on remote communication.

Consequently, leaders who regularly make the effort to be with other people in person, are likely to develop a more impactful style of leadership.

Another benefit of meeting people face to face is opportunity.

Being away from the desk offers a greater degree of freedom in terms of interacting with others, and the opportunity to strike up new, potentially valuable business relationships.

You cannot network as effectively remotely or digitally as you can in person.

Again, this is about the personal aspect of relationship-building, and of reading how others respond close up.


How Business Travel Enables Better Communication

Business travel drives face to face business communication, often literally.

Executive car services, whether business class or chauffeur class, help individuals connect meaningfully, providing the critical infrastructure links that are not covered by air or rail.

These services are also vital because they operate fully in context – they are specially tailored to meet the demands of busy and complex itineraries.

Moreover, just as the mechanics of business travel are important in facilitating face to face business meetings, so the travel experience itself supports this kind of interaction.

By ensuring the traveller reaches their destination in as stress-free, comfortable  and business-friendly a means as possible, this helps with their focus and performance when it comes to meeting others.


Maximising Business Travel to Minimise Hassle

Specialising in executive car services, Driven Worldwide provides essential, expert business support in getting people to where they need to be, taking care of itineraries, connections and the comfort of its clients.

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