Chauffeur services come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what to look for when it comes to separating the wheat from the chaff.

At minimum, you should expect a chauffeur service to make travelling from a to b simple and stress-free.  However, if you expect a little more, we suggest looking for a business that can tick the boxes listed below to offer a first-rate, high-quality chauffeur service.


First class communication

Travel plans don’t always run smoothly, and if you are running late or your plans change, it is more important than ever that the chauffeur service you’ve chosen is professional, flexible, unflappable and easy to contact.  At Driven Worldwide we ensure that your calls are always picked up first time, even if your chauffeur is not available to answer his phone.  If your chauffeur can’t take your call, someone from our project management team will pick up your call no matter what the time of the night or day using our ChauffeurCall telephone system.



Whether you’re travelling to a business meeting or to the airport, if you book a chauffeur service then you expect to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed, unruffled, refreshed and ready for whatever the day throws at you next, so a comfortable ride is essential.


Professional vehicle

Travelling in style is all part of the appeal of a chauffeur service.  A first-class service will offer vehicles that aren’t only practical for the job and comfortable for passengers, but that also look the part and are clean and well maintained too.


Experienced chauffeurs

As important as comfort and style are, it’s often the people that make or break a service, so a high-quality chauffeur service always invests in the most experienced and professional drivers.  At Driven Worldwide we ensure that you are always dealing with chauffeurs who have expert local knowledge of the area you are travelling within.  This means that not only will they know the best shortcuts and places to park to make your travel time quicker and more efficient, but they can also help with local recommendations.


Specialist services

A high-quality chauffeur service will be able to adapt their service to suit your particular set of requirements.  At Driven Worldwide we offer different vehicle types for different needs, as well as a range of specialist professional services like conference transportation, high security travel and managed projects for more complex journeys.


Established company

Choosing a well-established chauffeur company can be a safer bet than opting for a brand new business.  Established companies that have been around a long time have withstood the test of time and had plenty of time to grow and improve on the service that they offer.


At Driven Worldwide we are an established and award-winning chauffeur company operating in over 1,500 locations around the world, you can count on us to offer you a high-quality service every time. To receive a free quote for your journey give us a call on 020 3848 5102.