Chauffeur class business car services are not simply about luxury. They are about ensuring that passengers’ needs are met – not just their transport needs, but also their business needs.

When it comes to business travel, consistency and reliability are essential qualities, but too often they are lacking, or altogether absent.


The Best Business Model for Business Travel?

The exponential rise of ride hailing apps illustrate a highly successful business model. They offer a cheap and quick means of hiring a taxi. Offering a world of accessibility for its users, but do they offer much more than this?

Generally, ride hailing app drivers are very locally-centred, and are most comfortable making local journeys. How far can you rely on a driver to take you to a destination outside their comfort zone?

Moreover, ride hailing apps are not the most discreet form of business travel. You are likely to be taken from point to point by someone with a conspicuous satnav on display.

When you arrive at your location, the driver stays in the car, regardless of the time of day, or night, and the surroundings.

Essentially, as a business traveller using ride hailing apps, you are on your own.

What happens if your journey is absolutely time-critical, or it involves you carrying valuable, sensitive information with you?

If your focus is on the business that has made your journey necessary, how distracted can you afford to be? No one wants to arrive at a crucial destination feeling anxious or flustered.

Similarly, while the black cab is an older, more established form of transport, it does not offer that extra element of discreet support that only comes with a dedicated executive car service offering chauffeur class transfers.

You may have a perfectly sociable, engaging driver, but they are not fully dedicated to fulfilling the needs of your itinerary in the same way that an executive chauffeur is.


Consistency and Reliability

Reliability is not something you can underestimate, but it is something you might think you have experienced, until you experience it properly.

What a chauffeur class transfer service does is provide an underlying sense of quiet confidence in the entire process.

While it provides certain tangible benefits in the class of car and the interior facilities and finishes that go with it, it is the other, less obvious elements, that really distinguish it.

These include highly trained, professional drivers, providing the equivalent of a personal business concierge service on wheels.

There is also a crystal clear focus on the importance of your itinerary. With excellent communications and response times, including ChauffeurCall instant access to your chauffeur, you will always feel properly connected.


The Repeat Performance

The other key benefit of an executive chauffeur class transfer service is that it is never going to be a one-off.

You might have had those apparently miraculous public transport experiences where everything goes according to plan, on time. But it is the rarity of these occasions which can make them stand out.

What a chauffeur class executive car service provides is consistency. It is not a question of whether this time will be as good as the last. The whole point is that every journey you make will always be to the same high, professional standard.

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