What are the key ingredients of excellent event management?

Event planners must understand what they want to achieve; they must plan accordingly and consider vital aspects such as funding and sponsorship. They must find a suitable venue and market their event effectively.

What they must also do is plan transport for the event. This involves logistics, but also, on the day of the event, moving people to and from it.

Dedicated, executive car travel can play a vital role in this.


The Logistics of Event Management

Logistically, events can be challenging, with plenty of movement of exhibition material to manage.

This material can be anything from stands to lighting, banners and other backdrops.

The bigger the event, the more is involved in co-ordinating these efforts. However, there is another aspect to all this: people.

Without people attending, an event is meaningless.

Consequently, whether it is a conference, trade show or expo, a key part of event management must be ensuring that attendees or delegates, as well as exhibitors and speakers, are able to reach the venue.

Obviously, people will make their own individual travel arrangements for certain aspects of their journey, but what about that critical last mile?


The Pitfalls of a Piecemeal Approach

If your event is held out of town, or you are inviting attendees from across the country, or overseas, how do you ensure that they get to where they need to go?

Successful event management involves outsourcing to trusted suppliers, and one such trusted supplier should the provider of transport that takes people to and from the event.

You could, of course, engage the services of a local taxi firm, but will they have sufficient resources. Will you need to use more than one firm, and what impact might this have on how you coordinate your transport services?

Also, how specialised will these local providers be? Are they sufficiently business or event-focused?

Can they guarantee to provide enough cars, with courteous, efficient and experienced drivers on the day?


Call in the Business Event Travel Specialists

A dedicated executive car service integrates event management into its operations as a service in its own right.

This recognises the importance of providing a seamless experience to event attendees, exhibitors, keynote speakers and others.

No event is immune to the unexpected, and transport plans can be subject to changes in schedule or events out of the event organiser’s immediate control.

However, they can control one certain key aspect of event transport, which is where having a dedicated service really makes a difference.

This includes the three crucial aspects: timing, vehicles and drivers.

With delegates and others arriving at various transport hubs at different times, or at different destinations at the same time, it is vital that there is transport on hand that is fully coordinated, and that there are sufficient vehicles to meet demand.

This aspect of travel needs to run as smoothly as possible. How people perceive an event can depend on factors outside the event itself. If they arrive late, or have difficulty in getting there, this can impact negatively on their perception of the event as a whole.

If their driver is helpful and efficient, this can also help enhance their experience.


An Extension of Your Event

Dedicated executive car services can act as an extension of your event, adding an extra layer of hospitality and efficiency that helps elevate it in the minds of attendees, delegates and others.

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