As we approach the 21st of June – and the final stage of the UK Government’s roadmap out of lockdown – we turn our attention to the question of just how long the Covid measures of ‘hands, face and space’ will remain in place.

We must approach this question from two aspects – cultural and company. As a leading provider of chauffeur services in the UK, the safety of our staff, clients and affiliate network is paramount and answering this question – though difficult – is extremely important to us.

Like most individuals and businesses, we have kept up to date with the latest scientific advice on minimising the spread of Coronavirus. Dr. Mary Ramsay, head of immunisation at Public Health England, recently commented that Covid measures of social distancing and wearing a mask in public spaces may continue “...for a few years, at least until other parts of the world are as well vaccinated as we are...”.

Maintaining basic measures seems a very sensible approach as, even with vaccination programs rolling out across the world, Coronavirus is something that we will have to live with for some time. Wearing a mask when commuting or shopping, and socially distancing is currently part of our day-to-day lives and continuing to employ these measures is not a hardship however, will the nation continue to comply?

Since the 29th of March, when lockdown began to ease in the UK, we will have all seen masks being worn on chins and, in some cases, foreheads so is it realistic to expect these measures to be adhered to for several years?

In 2020, University College London (UCL) surveyed 21,000 adults in the UK to gauge the population’s compliance level and found that, once lockdown began to ease, so did the nations observance of Covid measures. We have also run several polls recently via our social media channels and found that the participants feel that the current measures will not last much longer. Using this data, we can conservatively predict that the same effect will happen this time, albeit slightly quicker as we now have a vaccination rollout.

Regardless of whether the UK population continues to socially distance or wear a mask in a closed environment, as a business, we will continue to adhere to our Covid measures in minimising the spread through:


  • Full sanitisation of vehicles before each service, including all door handles and interiors. This is in addition to our standard valet service between services which includes hoovering
  • Hand sanitizers and antibacterial/alcohol wipes being available in all vehicles
  • Drivers washing their hands thoroughly before and after each service
  • Minimising body contact such as shaking hands
  • Drivers being masked throughout the journey. We also request that all passengers also wear masks – if they do not, our drivers can refuse to transfer the passenger
  • Regular testing of the driver’s temperature prior to all services


For now, we can all enjoy the lifting of restrictions in a safe and responsible manner and look forward to a time when things are truly normal again.