When you step into one of our cars, you know you’re in the hands of a professional


Business Class Chauffeurs

Driven Worldwide built its reputation as a specialist chauffeur service, and this remains at the heart of our business. We have always striven to be the best at what we do, and we were immensely proud to have this recognised by winning Professional Driver Large Chauffeur Company of the year for the past three years.

All of our chauffeurs possess extensive local knowledge and experience which means that they don’t just rely on a satnav and they’ll always try to find the best route. We provide them with comprehensive support and prompt payment terms. In return, Driven Worldwide chauffeurs are known for “going the extra mile”.

Our chauffeurs are the mainstay of our business


Professional Chauffeurs

When booking ‘Chauffeur Class’ you are booking a professional. You will get the chauffeur’s details in advance of the booking and many clients ask for their favourites.


Pick the right chauffeur for you

Some passengers prefer to have a female chauffeur. There are a number of highly experienced professional female chauffeurs that we provide for airport transfers, Roadshows and Conferences and Events.


All part of the service

We know that meetings overrun, flights are delayed and plans may change. Our chauffeurs stay in touch with the passenger and their teams and will collect documents ahead of meetings, make ad-hoc stops and work ‘as directed’ whenever necessary.

"I was impressed by Mike Browne's service. He is a great driver and has a very good manner, please add him as our preferred driver and allocate him to my Japanese Roadshows where possible."


"A special thank you also for the excellent driver, Mr. Shen, who not only spoke good English but was able to master the heavy traffic in Beijing so that we were always on time. I had a great experience this time."


World Class Service


Consistently high standards

All chauffeurs are fully security checked, referenced and registered with appropriate regulatory bodies, all wear business attire.


Experience and loyalty

Over 70% of our chauffeurs have been with us for over 5 years.


Quality VIP service

All our chauffeurs will be 15 minutes early, will personally meet the passenger with a nameboard (and an umbrella if necessary!)



Provides direct communication between passenger and chauffeur via our own telephone network.


On-boarding new chauffeurs

No-one drives for us without completing a rigorous series of tests evaluated by our fleet and chauffeur management team.

  • Chauffeurs complete a ‘knowledge’ test for the city where they operate
  • Face to face interviews are carried out with all our chauffeurs
  • For specialist services chauffeurs take a Roadshow test drive with an experienced evaluator
  • Chauffeurs take a test drive as part of a multi-car service
  • Transfer test drives are routine for new chauffeurs providing the business class services

Affiliate suppliers

For locations where don’t have our own fleet we work with trusted affiliates. Our mission is to deliver a consistently, high quality business class service and no affiliate works for us without meeting our rigorous codes of conduct and compliance. All our affiliates are regularly monitored to ensure our business class promise is being delivered.

We currently work in 1,500 locations worldwide. If you have a requirement in a new location for us, we will find an affiliate to meet your needs.

Drive for Driven

We are looking for PCO Private Hire chauffeurs to join us. Good knowledge of London, smart appearance and a friendly manner is a must.


We Offer


High quality corporate account work

80% airport transfers work

No commission or Base fee

We pay our chauffeurs £3.25 for congestion charge



You must have held a PCO licence for a minimum of 5 years

A car which is less than three years old

Excellent customer service skills

Immaculate presentation


If you meet the requirements please call us on +44 (0)20 3848 5102

or email us at [email protected]