Beneath the client facing apps and portals available for passengers and bookers, there is a complex reservations and supplier management platform that drives the business.

Consultancy & App Development



Driven Worldwide is renowned for its systems and technological research & development. The significant investment in our IT development team and their breadth of knowledge has enabled us to deliver solutions to a wide range of new clients outside of the car and chauffeur drive sector.

Our development team supports our business partners and non-competing businesses with a wide range of services including:

  • strategic planning and application
  • systems / enterprise architecture
  • IT infrastructure
  • source control, IP & licensing planning
  • database analysis and design
  • security design, implementation and consultancy
  • product development
  • project management
  • use of Microsoft technologies

App Development

Our specialist app development team work closely with clients to define, design and deliver cutting edge apps for a number of diverse industry sectors including: sports management, healthcare, telecommunications and logistics. We also have practical knowledge and experience of the application of GPS, mobile “push” technology, beacons, NFC, telephony applications and mapping technologies

We pride ourselves in delivering pragmatic, robust, cost effective solutions.  If you would be interested in learning more about how this could help your business, please contact us.

In-house Technology



PalmTree has been developed by the in-house IT team at Driven Worldwide. It is a bespoke reservations platform that can manage and track complex journeys and projects.

It is an intelligent system that creates workflows based on client itineraries with functionality enabled to flag variances and create alerts for project management teams.

It is the main operating system in the business and from it we run our client invoicing and supplier management in five continents.



ChauffeurCall was originally designed to overcome the issues surrounding contact between passenger and chauffeur. Mobile numbers are not always reliable and passengers want direct contact with their chauffeur. ChauffeurCall uses the local numbers that we own in over 100 countries. These numbers are integrated into our own telephone system. On booking a service, a local number is allocated to the client and remains unchanged.

All calls can be monitored and logged. This is the most advanced system of its type on the market. It is recognised as being a superior system to using direct mobile numbers, and has been adopted as standard by all of our clients and is now being used by other sectors.

If you would like to find out more about how ChauffeurCall Technology could help your business please contact us.

There are a number of specialist applications that are used by drivers, affiliates and internal teams to manage the car services



Used to allocate and dispatch transfers.



Used by the project management team and chauffeurs as a navigation tool.



Used by our client services team to call clients.