Trying is believing

If you are new to Driven Worldwide we would like to invite you to take a complimentary trial of our business class service. All we ask in return is that you review the service and give us the opportunity to talk to you about our competive rates, our city transfers around the world and the benefit of our corporate accounts.

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The Asia Pacific Operation

The Asia Pacific office opened in 2006 and last year delivered nearly 1000 specialist roadshow projects. Of the 4000 bookings we fulfilled, 75% of them are in countries outside Hong Kong for business people travelling overseas.

Specialist Services



We deliver over 10,000 roadshows every year providing a seamless business class service to the biggest names in the banking industry.


Conferences & events

At-event co-ordination of cars, mini-buses and limousines for the world's largest conferences and events.


High Security

Armoured vehicles and close protection officers provide peace of mind in higher risk locations or for VIPs who need extra security.