Meet the team

    The people that make it happen

    Meet the team

    The people that make it happen

    Client Relationships
    Asia Pacific
    Conferences & Events
    The Boss

    Michael Bell

    Mike is the face of Driven Worldwide. As CEO, his easy smile and sense of fun belie a steely determination to deliver the best business class car service in the world.

    The Fixer

    Derya Iljazi

    Derya is on the frontline finessing roadshow itineraries and making sure all client needs are met. There is no problem big or small that Derya hasn't seen before and can't handle.

    The Balancer

    Matilda Ojo

    Matilda settles the score from a finance perspective. She runs a tight ship ensuring client invoices are sent and supplier invoices are paid with 48 hours of a service.

    The Brains

    Steve Morris

    Steve is the brains of the operation. As co-founder and CTO he has developed the proprietary software that delivers the streamlined operations clients rely on.

    The Pricer

    Nicola Hall

    Nicola works the numbers using ingrained commercial nous and attention to detail to ensure a consistent win-win for clients, chauffeurs and the business. Every time.

    The Engine

    James Decarte

    James heads up global operations travelling between Europe, the US and Asia meeting new and existing suppliers, and ensuring the Driven Worldwide engine keeps purring.

    The Controller

    Daniel Milner

    Dan fine tunes operations. He's the pivotal point between project managers, clients and chauffeurs, making sure nothing is left to chance when the rubber hits the road.

    The General

    Dorothy Taylor

    Dorothy runs cars for conferences and events like a military operation. Onsite, she is feared and respected in equal measure by clients, chauffeurs and her awesome team.

    The Ace

    Katie Wong

    Katie runs the Asia Pacific office coordinating projects across the region. Her head may be in Melbourne in the morning, Mumbai by midday and Tokyo at teatime.

    The Charmer

    Emily Rivera

    Emily works her magic with clients across South America, the USA and Canada, ensuring travel managers in energy, global banking and manufacturing are always left smiling.

    The Captain

    Olivier Cheung

    Olivier is the operational team leader in the Asia Pacific office. With her ability juggle many projects, she is the rock upon which the team in Hong Kong relies for guidance.

    The Problem Solver

    Grace Lam

    No request is too difficult for the unflappable Grace who calmly responds to clients needs, finds chauffeurs speaking different languages and makes clients feel in control.

    The Roadshow Wizard

    Florence Wong

    Florence coordinates roadshows in the region accommodating clients with complex itineraries, and finding chauffeurs that give passengers complete confidence.

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