Executive Transfers

    Business class chauffeur cars for VIPs

    Executive Transfers

    Business class chauffeur cars for VIPs

    Fully managed car services for executives

    We plan and manage business class chauffeur cars for executives. Project teams ensure international transfers or single journeys run like clockwork and travel managers are always informed.

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    Airport meet and greet

    For air travel Driven Worldwide will arrange for professional chauffeurs to meet passengers with personalised name boards.  The chauffeurs will see to their luggage and ensure rapid transfer through the airport to a comfortable business class car.   Onboard, there will be refreshments and quiet comfort for the passenger.

    Executive transfers, or VIP ‘as directed’

    Multi-person vehicles

    We source larger luxury cars or minibuses for parties of executives travelling together.  Vehicles are selected so that teams can talk and work on their journey if necessary whilst delivering consistent, business class comfort.

    Airport transfers

    Driven Worldwide’s operating system, PalmTree™ links with Flight Checker and Google Maps to ensure up to date travel information. Passengers have a dedicated phone number to keep in touch with their chauffeur.

    As directed

    We operate in 1500 locations in 106 countries.  We source professional chauffeurs with excellent local knowledge for VIPs who need a car for a day or for a set period.  The chauffeur will work in an ‘as directed’ capacity.

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    Corporate Roadshows

    We help Executive teams plan and manage multi-stop visits to flagship locations or field site visits.  Comfortable larger cars provided to ensure teams can work together on the road. Find out more >>

    Conferences & Events

    Go to our Conference & Events page for more information about on- or offsite management of VIP cars, shuttles, and minibuses for all types of event.

    Why Driven Worldwide Executive Transfers?

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    Comfort, consistency and control are our watchwords

    It is a given that VIP passengers travel in business class comfort. However, we know that travel managers need reliability, quality assurance, and full visibility of their projects. Comfort, consistency and control means taking the stress out of important or complex travel arrangements for our clients.

    The experienced project management team is supported by PalmTree™ our proprietary professional automated logistics management platform.

    The technology provides intelligent itinerary planning, tracking, communications and lets the passenger and the chauffeur, as well as the travel manager and the command and control team stay in touch at all times.

    Client relationships

    The PalmTree™ Client Relationship Hub can be customised with permissions, billing, communications, and escalation points to align with travel manager preferences.

    Chauffeur App

    The PalmTree™ Chauffeur App incorporates multiple features for real-time communication, contingency planning, and expense management.

    Our cars and chauffeurs

    All executive transfers use professional chauffeur-driven vehicles

    Vehicles are chosen for comfort, ensuring passengers can work, talk or relax between meetings or to and from airports.  All vehicles are easy to get in and out of and the professional chauffeur will be on hand to open doors, manage luggage or papers and hold umbrellas. We believe all passengers should arrive at their destination calm, refreshed, and ready to do business.


    Don’t just take our word for it…

    This is what travel managers around the world say about  Driven Worldwide’s Executive Transfers
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    When our founder and his family are flying in from London, the only firm I can trust is Driven Worldwide

    Personal Assistant, Hong Kong

    Knowing I've booked with Driven Worldwide means I relax knowing that our execs are in good hands

    Travel Manager, London

    They've got chauffeurs as far afield as Senegal. When our CEO is travelling I work with Driven Worldwide to be sure of a reliable service

    Banking EA, New York

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