Operational excellence

    Quality assurance isn’t a separate department, it runs through everything Driven Worldwide does. Strict adherence to documented processes and codes of conduct ensure comfort, consistency and control from supplier and client relationship management to project planning and service delivery.

    Supplier Quality Assurance

    Chauffeurs are managed in PalmTree™, Driven Worldwide's professional automated logistics management platform.

    The system maintains up to date details of fully vetted and approved chauffeurs offering different services around the world. We can respond to unusual requests or fulfil rapid turnaround requests for 1,500 locations in 106 countries confident in the quality of suppliers.

    • PalmTree™ automation

      Automated workflows are implemented for frequently used suppliers, freeing the project team to support new chauffeurs or unusual requests.

    • Legal compliance

      Suppliers provide insurance and licensing certificates for vehicles and chauffeurs in line with local law. PalmTree™ triggers alerts when documents need review.

    • Strict code of conduct

      In addition to legal requirements, suppliers must adhere to the Driven Worldwide Supplier Charter, and commit to its code of conduct, ethics, and protocols.

    • Rapid response 

      When multiple vehicles are needed PalmTree™ can trigger a request to all fully vetted suppliers who meet the requirement in the location.

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    We’ve been working with Driven Worldwide since 2011. They’re easily the most professional management team we have worked with.

    Elizabeth, Executive Assistant to Managing Partner, London

    In-Service Quality Assurance

    Comfort, consistency, and control are the cornerstones of Driven Worldwide. PalmTree™ helps achieve this by offering comprehensive visibility of all projects within a single cloud based system.
    • Intelligent Itinerary Management

      PalmTree™ automatically reads inbound enquiries, and uses AI to flag risks, suggest itinerary amends and give clients confirmation of booking within two hours.

    • Pre-Service Checks

      Automated pre-service checks with the chauffeur are triggered at 24 hours and again 60 minutes prior to service. Discrepancies are flagged to the project team.

    • Strict code of conduct

      In addition to legal requirements, suppliers adhere to the Driven Worldwide Supplier Charter, and commit to its code of conduct, ethics, and protocols.

    • Full visibility

      PalmTree™ is accessible to control teams in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, enabling round-the-clock monitoring and issue management of all services.

    • The PalmTree™ Chauffeur App

      Links with Google Maps and Flight Checker give real-time updates to the chauffeur preventing wait time and triggering contingency where necessary.

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    Driven Worldwide itinerary planning is second to none.  I have full confidence in their pre-service advice, checks and recommendations.

    Emily, Roadshow Manager, Investment Bank

    Client Quality Assurance

    PalmTree™ provides a customised experience, tailoring permissions, communications, billing, and escalation points to align with clients' needs.
    • Full Control

      The Client Portal uses permission-based access meaning clients working in highly regulated businesses or on sensitive roadshows can control who can view projects.

    • Continuous Service Improvement

      The client dashboard and reporting suite shows key performance indicators (KPIs), costs and performance against SLAs.  It helps refine and streamline processes.

    • Client Review

      The PalmTree meeting hub captures client feedback and service reviews.

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    Driven Worldwide really understands our business. I can’t afford for anything to go wrong, and they make me feel in control.

    Susan, Head of Corporate Access, Global Investment Bank Canada

    Three reasons the investment community trusts us

    Driven Worldwide’s reputation is built on comfort, consistency and control.  To find out how we achieve this take a look at
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