Europe, Middle East, Africa

    Business class road transport for VIPs in Europe

    Europe, Middle East, Africa

    Business class road transport for VIPs in Europe

    Driven Worldwide London

    Managed car services for global banks and corporates in EMEA

    Our London team has nearly 25 years of experience managing investor roadshows and corporate events. We have built strong connections with trusted affiliate chauffeurs in major financial centres such as London, Frankfurt, Zurich, Paris, Luxembourg and Dubai.

    The London Team

    Dedicated project managers, work closely with investor relations, corporate access, and events teams within blue chip clients to meticulously plan and execute complex travel itineraries for VIP business travellers.  We work with clients based in, or travelling to the region.  Where necessary, we will liaise with our teams in New York or Hong Kong to ensure you get the best service.

    To discuss your next project call or email Derya Iljazi, Client Relationship Manager, London:

    Their attention to detail is second to none. I genuinely see them as an extension of my team. I can call any time and they’re all over it”

    Executive Assistant to Chairman, Global Cosmetic Manufacturer 

    London chauffeurs

    From Westminster to Heathrow or Canary Wharf to Mayfair, our professional London chauffeurs know the city like the back of their hand. We have a team of regular chauffeurs dedicated to serving London’s investment community who have been navigating the banking and finance district for over 10 years.

    We are committed to making your business journeys comfortable, enjoyable, and stress-free and our commitment to comfort, consistency and control has helped grow our business beyond  Europe and into North and South America and Asia Pacific.

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