Chauffeur Best Practice

    Consistent quality of service is a cornerstone of our promise

    We deliver this by only working with chauffeurs and chauffeur companies that commit to the Chauffeur Charter. The Chauffeur Charter sets out best practice for roadshows or when collecting VIP passengers from transport hubs or other addresses.

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    The Driven Worldwide Chauffeur Charter

    When meeting VIPs from airports, station or ports

    All Driven Worldwide chauffeurs promise to:

    • Monitor the estimated arrival time and be on-location 15 minutes beforehand.  The Driven Worldwide Chauffeur App provides live data feeds from FlightChecker.
    • Be on-location 30 minutes prior to the scheduled arrival time if collecting from a private jet.
    • Make themselves known to the passenger with a Driven Worldwide nameboard that is obvious to arriving client.
    • If the client has not appeared 45 minutes after an expected flight arrival, or 15 minutes for a train or ferry, the chauffeur will contact the Driven Worldwide control team.

    Chauffeur best practice when collecting from an address:

    All Driven Worldwide chauffeurs promise to:

    • Park as close as possible and wait in or next to the vehicle with the Driven Worldwide nameboard clearly visible.
    • Announce their presence to the doorman, concierge or reception when picking up from a hotel or venue.
    • If a client hasn’t appeared 15 minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, the chauffeur will contact Driven Worldwide control team.

    Chauffeur best practice for Roadshows:

    All Driven Worldwide chauffeurs promise to:

    • Notify Driven Worldwide immediately if they are going to be late to any scheduled meetings.
    • If client meetings overrun the chauffeur will call the Driven Worldwide control team and update when en-route to the next meeting and estimated arrival time
    • The chauffeur will keep the Driven Worldwide control team informed if there are any changes to the schedule. Examples of this include the service being extended by the travelling party, changes to the meeting address or cancellation of a meeting.
    • A chauffeur will never stand down unless authorised to do so by the Driven Worldwide control team.
    • Not leave it too late before informing  the Driven Worldwide control team of changes or delays, even if the passenger says they have informed the relevant people.  This allows the Driven Worldwide project team to keep the paying client informed of any changes that may impact the success or billing of the project.

    Failure to meet the standards set out in the Chauffeur Charter

    The Chauffeur Charter is a guideline. In the rare event that chauffeurs fail to deliver best practice, we will remove them from our supplier list and in extreme failure will not pay for substandard services.