Managed UK Tours

    Business class road trips to see the sights

    Managed UK Tours

    Business class road trips to see the sights

    Business class doesn’t just mean business

    We work with travel managers and tour companies to plan and deliver high end road trips for UK visitors who want to see the sights from the comfort of a chauffeured vehicle.

    Planning and managing memorable UK tours

    Flexible city tours

    Tours can cater for different needs, leaving passengers to explore some city areas on foot or travel by car if they prefer.  The chauffeur will be contactable at all times via a dedicated phone line and will remain nearby ready to pick up.

    Meet and greet

    Visitors are met by their chauffeur who will help with luggage.  Client travel managers have full visibility of the project via the app and both passenger and client can communicate with the control team and the chauffeur via a dedicated phone line.

    Taste of comfort

    Touring in a chauffeured vehicle allows passengers to relax in the confidence that their chauffeur is nearby. Our control team has full visibility of the project at all times and remains on hand to manage contingencies or last minute changes.

    Our cars and chauffeurs

    Managed UK tours are delivered using professional Chauffeur-driven vehicles.

    We will work with you to choose the right vehicles for the tour. For parties of more than two, we will source larger vehicles.  Regardless of party size or tour destinations, passengers can expect the same, high level of personal service from professional chauffeurs who will provide an overview of the sites visited.  The chauffeur will be on hand to open doors, help with luggage and ensure passengers enjoy a relaxed and comfortable trip.


    Don’t just take our word for it…

    This is what a travel partner said about Driven Worldwide
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    We were organising a short UK break for some American clients who wanted to see a bit of the UK. Driven Worldwide helped plan the itinerary and sourced a brilliant chauffeur who took the visitors to some key landmarks over three days. They were delighted which means we were delighted.

    Travel Manager, Client Hospitality, Global Bank

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