-Brief Business Travel Insights

    31 Jan 2024

    How does technology enhance business travel?

    Technology is helping refine certain key aspects of business travel, but ultimately, people are the driving force behind its development and progress.

    With the growth of smart technology, the business travel experience is becoming increasingly personalised, and this in turn raises travellers’ expectations of what to expect.

    At Driven Worldwide, we have long recognised the importance of technology in how we run our executive and chauffeur driven car services.

    The Challenge of Business Travel

    Covering what are often long distances, sometimes across different global timelines, is inherently demanding of the business traveller.

    Traditionally, the personal and office-based administrative burden has been high. Business travel can involve multiple bookings and transport modes, each with their own reservation requirements.

    At the same time, the individual travelling may well be on a business-critical mission that requires them to be performing at their best when they reach their destination.

    Consequently, any administrative hiccups while travelling will be a distraction, and may end up actively detracting from this performance.

    One critical issue is the last mile and local knowledge, when the traveller has reached their destination but needs to get a transfer from the airport to the hotel, or the venue where they are expected.

    The Principle of Personalisation

    Personalisation through smart technology is raising user expectations.

    For instance, when someone searches online for a restaurant, the results will reflect things like the date, time of day, their location but also their online history as a consumer.

    Like consumers, business travellers routinely generate large amounts of data, which will allow smart technology to provide them with greater flexibility when booking itineraries.

    It will streamline processes such as checking in to flights and hotels, and help streamline the entire travel and accommodation process.

    As artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more widely-used, it will enable more automation that is very much focused on the individual on a human, personal level.

    Driven Tech

    We are well aware how technology underpins the traveller experience, which is why we have developed a bespoke reservations platform, PalmTree, to track complex journeys and ensure seamless itineraries.

    Also, we have our ChauffeurCall technology to ensure consistent, reliable contact between the passenger and chauffeur.

    ChauffeurCall represents a significant advance from relying on standard mobile numbers. By allocating a unique, unchanging local number to a travelling client, we can ensure their communication is clear and that their journey schedule is always on track.

    People Come First

    There is one important thread running through the technology designed to improve the business traveller’s experience: people.

    Providing a person-focused service with people at its heart is what makes the technology effective.

    Ultimately, tech is not a substitute for excellent customer service. Rather, it is an enhancement to it.

    That is why we rely on the sheer professionalism of our dedicated force of drivers. They have the extensive knowledge and experience to ensure our business clients will make their journeys in comfort, with the reassurance that they are in a safe pair of hands.

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