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    18 Mar 2024

    Taxis or Chauffeurs: the right choice for the job

    Taxis or chauffeurs: the right choice for the job Knowing the key differences between booking a taxi and hiring a chauffeur can help you to make the right choice for your next trip.

    By choosing the most suitable mode of transport for your journey, you can keep travel arrangements cost-effective and running smoothly. This blog explains the key differences between a taxi and a chauffeur, to help you decide which mode of transport is best suited to your journey.

    When to choose a taxi

    For short distance travel between 1-3 miles, calling a taxi company to arrange a journey at the drop of a hat might be the most affordable and convenient solution for you.


    • Convenience of being able to arrange transport last minute.
    • Affordable for short distance travel (1-3 miles).


    • Paying by the meter is not cost-effective.
    • If you’re only popping around the corner to the pub or the shops, then cheap and cheerful may be all that you require. If you’re travelling further afield though beware that the cost can really add up on when you’re paying by the meter.

    When to choose a chauffeur

    If you’re pre-arranging transport for a journey of 3 miles or more, for a special occasion or event, or for a whole day of travelling, you’ll want to ensure that your ride is comfortable.


    • High level of service.
    • Comfortable and relaxing travel.
    • Stylish arrival.
    • Receive an upfront price for the journey.
    • Travel in a vehicle of your choice.


    • Travel usually needs to be arranged in advance.
    • Usually more expensive than a taxi.

    To book executive or chauffeur travel that you can trust, get in touch with our team here at Driven Worldwide by calling us on 020 3848 5100 or using our online contact form to request assistance.

    -Brief Business Travel Insights

    30 Jun 2023

    Chauffeur vs. Driver: What are the differences?

    Whilst a chauffeur is indeed a type of driver, a driver is not necessarily a chauffeur. Confused?

    This article explains the main differences between driver and chauffeur services, helping you to make an informed decision about which is right for your needs.

    What are the main differences between a driver and a chauffeur?

    A professional driver is simply someone who is paid to operate a vehicle. For example, this could be someone driving a taxi or an Uber. However, a chauffeur is a very particular type of driver. Chauffeurs provide luxury transportation, and their services usually go above and beyond those drivers offer.

    The main differences between a driver vs chauffeur are as follows:

    Experience – Most chauffeur companies only employ chauffeurs with significant driving experience and a clean driving record. Many companies require chauffeurs to complete professional training, particularly if they provide specialist services like high-security travel.

    Vehicles – A chauffeur service is all about style and luxury. Chauffeurs drive new, state-of-the-art vehicles that are cleaned and maintained to an immaculate standard. When you travel in a chauffeur-driven car, you can guarantee you will arrive at your destination in comfort and style.

    Price – Because chauffeur services go above and beyond what you would expect when being transported by a taxi or Uber driver, they are generally more expensive.

    Service – A chauffeur-driven service prioritises customer service above all else. The service goes beyond simply transferring passengers from point A to point B. A chauffeur will help you with your bags, run errands, and manage complex itineraries if required.

    Appearance – Chauffeurs are always dressed very smartly in professional business attire. Chauffeurs communicate with clients in a professional, polite, respectful, courteous, and non-intrusive way.

    In comparison, a driver’s job is simply to transport passengers from point A to point B, and the level of service you receive can be inconsistent.

    How to decide whether you need a driver or a chauffeur

    When deciding whether your journey requires the services of a driver or a chauffeur, there are several factors that you should consider. These include:

    • Purpose of your journey
    • Level of service required
    • Budget
    • Complexity of journey
    • Distance being travelled
    • Personal preference

    If you’re travelling for a special occasion or business trip and style and comfort is paramount, then a chauffeur service is probably most appropriate. However, if your priority is cost-effective transportation, hiring a driver may suffice.

    Chauffeur services from Driven Worldwide

    Here at Driven Worldwide, our personal chauffeur services are trusted by some of the largest companies in the world. We offer a wide array of chauffeur services in over 1500 locations worldwide. Ready to book a car or get a quote? Contact our team for bespoke chauffeur services tailored to meet your needs.

    -Brief Business Travel Insights

    25 Apr 2023

    10 Things to consider when hiring a chauffeur

    When you hire a chauffeur, you expect to receive a high level of service, making it important to compare different services before booking.

    There’s plenty to consider when looking for a chauffeur service, so having a checklist in front of you can be helpful to ensure you cover all bases.

    In this article, we’ll explore ten key factors to consider when choosing a chauffeur service, helping you to make an informed decision and select the service that best meets your needs.

    Ten important factors to consider when looking for a chauffeur driver

    1. Licencing and certification – When looking for a chauffeur driver, it’s important to check out their credentials and make sure that they possess the necessary licencing and certification. This guarantees legal compliance and offers you peace of mind that they are professional and competent in their role.

    2. Experience and track record – A chauffeur’s level of experience and track record are vital indicators of their skill and reliability.

    3. Background check and references – Companies that conduct thorough chauffeur background checks demonstrate their commitment to ensuring their chauffeurs are professional and trustworthy.

    4. Knowledge of local routes and traffic laws – A good chauffeur should have extensive local knowledge to allow them to navigate the roads efficiently and provide a punctual service.

    5. Appearance and professionalism – The qualities of a good chauffeur extend beyond driving skills. A good chauffeur should also be well-presented, polite, and courteous, reflecting their commitment to excellence and projecting a professional image.

    6. Communication skills – Chauffeurs require excellent listening and communication skills to ensure the client’s needs are understood and met.

    7. Safety measures and emergency preparedness – Chauffeurs should always prioritise passenger safety and be prepared for emergencies. Check whether chauffeurs are trained in safety protocols and emergency response. If you require high-security transportation, it should be provided by specially trained chauffeurs.

    8. Vehicle maintenance and cleanliness – Most chauffeur services offer various modern vehicles to meet different passenger needs. All vehicles should be meticulously maintained both inside and out to ensure a comfortable and stylish ride.

    9. Flexibility and adaptability – A chauffeur service should be flexible and adaptable to your schedule and needs. If you have particularly complex requirements, always check that the service can accommodate them.

    10. Cost and service agreement – When you select chauffeur services, carefully consider the cost and details of the service agreement, ensuring that it aligns with your budget and specific requirements.

    Now you know how to select chauffeur services of a high standard. Next, you’ll need to know how to hire a chauffeur. The booking process varies from one chauffeur service to the next. Most companies require you to contact them in advance, either online or by phone, to book your journey.

    Driven Worldwide’s chauffeur services are available in over 1,500 locations worldwide. You can book a journey online or using our client app.